Monday, October 25, 2010

Triumph at Last

I was finally able to catch a picture of Sander smiling!

It has been kind of a rough morning because he has been so gassy. Saturday, 23 October he was awake practically all day- from 1:00 PM - 11:30 PM. Then he slept for 6 1/2 hours and almost all day on Sunday 24 October except to occasionally wake up to eat. I was so worried that he was going to be awake all night last night but he actually didn't do too bad. He ate every 2-3 hours but I was able to get some sleep.

This morning he was so gassy and really having a hard time sleeping. He threw up on me twice and I was cleaning the house in between his small napping / screaming sessions. Then at 11:30 I realized that I was starving because I hadn't eaten anything yet nor had I brushed my teeth or showered. So I kissed him on the head and was planning on going to make myself something to eat when I realized that he was totally awake. He spit his binkie out and I went to put it back in so he could soothe himself back to sleep. The second I tapped his lip with the binkie to get him to open up so I could pop the bink back in, he broke out in the widest grin.

Commence the photo shoot! I grabbed my camera and took 224 high speed burst shots of him goo-ing and gaa-ing and making adorable faces. This is the only good picture I got of his big gummy grin.

SUCCESS, success! Grandma Montrose in VA is very pleased to have this picture of her grandson as is Sander's father who has yet to see this face on Sander (Sander mostly just pees and poops on him rather than smiling at him. Don't worry Dad! He'll get there with you too (; ).

I got lots of other adorable faces out of him so I'm going to make a whole album on Facebook called, "The Various Faces of Sander Jay." Check it out on my page later on today if you're interested!


  1. Didn't know you had a blog!! Now we can keep in touch even more. Sure do miss you. We should get together when I come home to Utah this Christmas. Sander is a doll!

  2. Love the blog Courtney! I will check back often to see how the family is doing.. if you get a changce please stop my blog. 8)

  3. Wow. Do I have an adorable grandson or what.

    Love you, bless you.