Friday, February 13, 2009

Driving me INSANE

I am essentially a social creature. The problem of what to do with my life has been a source of much irritation to me lately. What am I going to do if I am not chosen for the Australia job? Yes, I have things to look forward to like my triathlon and Casey is wonderful- I couldn't ask for a more wonderful best friend- Relationships are not the object of my concern. It's my career.

Most of you probably know that I am a legal secretary for a private lawyer in my Ward. This job was frustrating to me at the beginning but I thought it was just the learning curve- it wasn't. :-) Sometimes when my boss, Larry, hands me a stack of papers to file I just want to throw the papers up in the air and run out of the building screaming- never to return! Triumph! But somehow that feels like quitting... probably because it is.  Larry is a funny man, the other people that work on my floor are really nice and the work really isn't bad; I'm sure lots of people would like it- it just isn't my cup of tea. I am a social creature and spending all day in a cold office with only one other person popping in to give me work doesn't give me the energy that being around a lot of people does.

Pampered Chef is the other option I am looking into. I'd be my own boss, I'd interact with people, I'd get to cook and and get lots of cool kitchen gadgets that make me excited. I would also have to sell products and, if any of you remember when I worked at Kamp Kreatures, you will know that I am simply not a salesperson. I don't like pushing people into buying things they don't need. However, the Consultant that I talked to said that she feels the same way and she never feels that she has to be a saleswoman. Mostly because there is not boss over her telling her to sell, sell, sell. She picks her own hours and how many parties she does. Also, she loves the products (as do I) so her belief in them sells them to others who can also get great benefit out of them. I do see the use of the products- They help save time which can encourage people to make dinner at home which would be healthier and it would ultimately save them money. So I think I could do it.

I don't think I could earn as much money as I do here, as a secretary (it depends on how many parties I have), but I think I would be much happier. Also, being a secretary is the more stable job in an unstable economy.

Casey thinks I should wait until I am at least finished with my two classes because doing classes, secretary, trying to start a new business and training for a triathlon would be too much. But the longer that I continue the routine I am in- the more frustrated I will probably come. Plus, if Casey gets staffed on another travel case, which it sounds like he soon will, I will have a lot more free time nights.

Maybe I will start a poll and see what you guys think I should do. Either way- I know that God has a plan for me and as long as I am trying to do the right things and be in the right place, he will guide me to where I am supposed to be. I know he just wants me to be happy- the hard part is figuring out the path that will lead there. :-)


  1. Hey, on your profile, it says you are 1,921 years old...that makes me, your dad...very, very old. Fix it!

    I thought the second video was super good. The first one was good, but the second, much more so.

    How come Lord of the Rings is not on your favorite book list...? :-(

    I am building an Arbor darling, very crude to match my carpentry skills.

    Don't quit your day job! I notice that was not a choice, so you must not like it very much. It gives you good training and you need to show longevity on your resume, so keep at it, unless you really, really hate it. If you would rather dig a ditch, then quit the job.

    I love you! Dad

  2. I will try this again! This is my third attemp to give my 2 cents. I do thing that schooling should be #1, but I also know you are better when busy. I wouldn't give up the secretarial job just yest. I think you could continue to persue the pampered chef, but find out what the ordering commitments are. Can you order any amount any time (like Arbonne--order 1 thing in a year if you like). If there are not particular commitments, then addd it in. Maybe once a week or once every 2 weeks. Get yourself really good and organized so you can give great customer service. People like the added attention. I would be very careful however, you have training going on too. Don't over extend yourself. You really should give the schooling a little push and get the child development class out of the way. You are taking more than a semester to finish 2 classes as you have had alot of other things going on. Map everything out and see how it works then pray about it. But again, I think you should focus on the schooling. Don't give up. That is money and time down the drain and you are so close to finishing. A degree is a degree any may become useful one day so just "git 'er done!" I know you will make the best choice, but that is my thought. Love you!!

  3. Ahh...the age-old "which career should I choose" dilema. I'm probably not one to give advice because I still haven't decided what to do when (if) I grow up.

    That said, I would love to see you finish school before too many more years get behind you. As long as that reasonably ambitious husband of yours keeps bringing home a check, focus on one priority at a time--in this case--school. Anything else you do (Pampered Chef, Secretarial, etc.) should add to, not detract from your ability to reach that goal. When you've bagged that goal, tee-up your next prioirity and focus on that, whether it be a long-term career, starting a family, the Iron Man World Championships in Kona;-), or whatever. But above all else, heed your own advice and find out what God's plan is for you. Trust me on this, your journey will be much happier if you do.

    BTW, your fruit and cheese tray looked divine. You've definitely got the touch, my dear. I created my own romantic dish on Valentine's Day: a chocolate souffle. As you know, Mama Z. loves chocolate, and I love Mama Z.

    I love the blaugg and I love you!