Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Absurd Things My Husband Says Sometimes...

First of all, sorry for the lack of blogging lately. My life has been a little more than I can handle with my student, mother, wife, and athlete roles all vying for my time everyday. There have been so many times when I think, "Oh! I should blog about this!" and then never manage to put it high up enough on my priority list. BUT, something happened yesterday that I really wanted to document.

Second, a little prologue to my tale:

Last Wednesday, February 23, my son got his first sickness. Just a runny nose and a cough- no big deal- he was still happy and eating and sleeping.
Then, on Friday, February 25, my husband gets sick and hence, completely incapacitated.
Then, on Saturday, Sander gets a little more fussy and starts eating and sleeping less
... oh no... I can feel the trouble coming on...
Then, on Sunday, Sander starts running a fever. He stops eating and sleeping altogether. He is SO tired and SO cranky and the only way he can sleep at all is if I hold him against my chest and try to comfort him back to sleep immediately after he wakes up for no apparent reason to cry and scream. Needless to say, I'm in the doctor's office first thing Monday morning to find out that pobre Sander-boy has a double ear infection. Casey (who has been a trooper all weekend by taking care of himself since I was COMPLETELY consumed with Sander) takes Sander to get his prescription filled, and then watches him at home for a couple of hours while I run to campus to get to the two classes I really couldn't miss before coming home again.

Now, this experience was hectic and draining in and of itself, but the pressure is tripled when I factor in the fact that I usually use every spare moment I have to do homework so I don't get crushed under the burden of reading/papers/exams/etc. and this weekend, I had no spare moments to spare. This has left me frantically doing homework to make up for lost time while also trying to finish my online religion course before midterms hit again in two weeks.

ALSO, today is Thursday and I will be missing school again tomorrow so that we can go down to St. George this weekend so that Casey can participate in a mountain bike race down there. I'm super excited for the warm weather (it is going to be cold and rainy up here- Suck it Provo!) but, this trip means that I need to clean my house today (I am OCD about leaving a clean house when I go on a trip- it feels so much better to come home to!), pack up our car, take Sander to the doctor's again for his six month check-up and to get shots, and go to a preparation meeting for a Relief Society event that I am participating in later this month - and please don't forget the ever present need to do homework, make dinner, and fulfill the daily tasks of taking care of Sander.

Now, here comes the funny part...

Yesterday, we had tacos for dinner and at the end of the meal we had finished the tortillas but still had plenty of leftover meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. Looking at the leftovers I commented, "Oh, good! Looks like we will have enough for leftovers tomorrow! I'll just need to swing by the store to pick up some more tortillas." Then, Casey turns to me with his big, hopeful, blue eyes and says, "Or you could make some!"


I know he loves my homemade tortillas and everything and I'm glad, but, no.

Ah, the absurd things my husband says sometimes...

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  1. That was a long story. I don't think I understood the main point--are you going to make tortillas or not?